October 28, 2011
"Sexy" Halloween Costume Ideas

What is Halloween if not an opportunity to show off your goods by dressing as a “Sexy (fill in the blank)”? In case you’re running short on ideas this year - or maybe you’ve already done the Sexy Nurse, Doctor, Fireman, Policeman, School Girl, Postal Worker, Disney Character and now you’re looking for something that will be really, REALLY sexy - here’s a list of ideas:

Sexy Occupy Wall Street Protestor: Carry a poster that says, “The 99% say I’m HOT!” and wear a bikini made out of dollar bills.

Sexy Muammar Gaddafi: Wear a white, gold and red military hat on top of a short black wig with sunglasses and drape your body in gold tassels.

Sexy Garden Hoe: Wear a low-cut, black leotard with fishnets and high heels and carry a garden hoe. (PUN FUN!)

Sexy Tampon: Wear white fishnets, a white leotard streaked with red paint (or wear a red wig) and make earrings, bracelets and a necklace out of real tampons.

Sexy “Your Mom”: Wear a super sexy dominatrix outfit and when people ask what you are say, “Your mom.” (Hilarious!)

Sexy H1N1 Virus: Cover however little of yourself you want in “spores” (yellow and purple painted cottonballs) and cough in people’s faces.

Sexy Toilet: Attach a toilet lid to your head and wear a white leotard with a brown streak down the middle.

Sexy Jesus: Wear a wig, a thorn crown, a white loincloth (yes, this means you have to go topless – but hey, Jesus would have wanted it that way!) and attach a wood cross to your back.

Sexy Suri Cruise: Dress as Suri Cruise.

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